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7 Rules to Lose Weight before the Festive Season

So you have decided to lose weight and go on a diet before the festive season comes? Do you want to fit in your favorite dress again for this festive season? All you need to do is to plan your diet and exercise in such a way that it will improve your health and also help you to enjoy your festive season in a great way.

Seven Rules to lose weight before the Festive Season

  • Walk a lot
    Walking is a very simple but very effective method to lose weight. This is an exercise, which is suitable for all age groups. If you cannot include a one-hour walking exercise in your daily routine then do it in bits and pieces but make sure that you stick to doing it on a daily basis. Small changes go a long way, so start walking by counting your steps and then add 500 steps daily to your routine and you will be amazed to know that how easy it is to achieve it.
  • Drink
    Water is very effective in losing weight. Not only the eight glasses of water a day will give you a glowing skin but it will help you lose weight as well. This is a very simple method to do so. So next time when you feel like eating a cake or a cookie then drink a glass of water to curb your craving and keep you full for some time.
  • Avoid Alcohol
    It is very important that one needs to give up on alcohol in order to lose those extra kilos. Alcohol can be toxic for your body and liver and would harm your health in a long run. Alcohol contains sugars, which are very harmful and will lead to weight gain without your notice.
  • Focus on your Meals
    Try to avoid going out for lunch or dinners, as this might make you eat those junk foods and drinks, which will ultimately increase your weight. Instead, choose to cook for yourself and this will also allow you to keep a tab on the nutrients that you consume. You can have more balanced meals with good portions of protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, and other nutrients. In addition, it is very important that you time your meals in a routine, as this will help you to avoid munching on snacks unnecessarily.
  • Build your Exercise Routine
    Only a balanced diet with the right nutrients will not help you to lose weight, but you need to plan an exercise routine as per your availability and time. Every person needs to have a routine to exercise whether it is a simple walk or jog or doing cardio and Pilates in the gym. You can also use various videos that are available on the Internet to plan your exercises at home. A group exercise session is more helpful since you will be motivated to complete and continue the exercise routine.
  • Breakfast like a King
    The first meal of the day needs to be high protein meal with a perfect combination of sprouts, eggs, whole grains, oatmeal, and so on. A high protein breakfast will keep you full for a longer time and this will help you to avoid snacking on unwanted foods. It will also keep you glowing and active throughout the day instead of feeling lazy and lethargic.
  • Avoid Desserts and Sugary items
    One of the effective ways to lose weight during this festive season is to give up on sweets and desserts. Try to avoid having aerated drinks, candies, doughnuts, desserts, and other sweets, which can make you, gain excessive weight. It is very hard to give up on such things but a self – control will help you do so. Instead, you can grab on fruits when you feel like having some sweets or drink a glass of water. 

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