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8 Simple Ways To Detox Your Body

In the simplest terms, to detox, your body means to clean it up from the inside. The common signs that there are several toxins in your body are poor skin health, feeling bloated or uncomfortable, dry and lifeless hair and feeling lazy and lethargic all the time.
When you detox your body, you improve metabolism, regain energy and also end up looking and feeling a lot better. There are many ways you can get rid of the toxins that enter your body through contaminated food, poor eating habits and a lifestyle that is not healthy.

Here are 8 simple ways to detox your body:

1. Drink a lot of water
Water helps the kidneys filter the toxins and flush them out of your body. You must consume between 2-3 liters of water every day to keep the body free from toxins. There are several sources of water including water-rich fruits such as watermelon, healthy drinks etc.Eating Healthy When Traveling | 98Fit

2. Include greens in your body
Greens such as kale, spinach, and broccoli are wonderful when it comes to absorbing toxins. They are loaded with vitamins and minerals that have anti-oxidizing properties. This means that all the free radicals are oxidized, leaving you feeling more energetic and fresh.Ten very simple ways to ditch sugar from your diet | 98Fit

3. Eat fresh and organic food
Organic foods are produced using natural methods. Plants are grown with natural fertilizers and as for meat and eggs; you do not have to worry about steroids or other chemicals being injected into them. This prevents the addition of any toxins into your body through the food sources. Try to include a lot of fresh produce in your diet. Eating raw fruits and vegetables are known to have the maximum detoxifying benefits for your body. 5 Tips On Eating Healthy When Traveling | 98Fit

4. Exercise
Choose any form of exercise that you like. It could be strength training, running, swimming, or playing your favorite sports. Working up a sweat is one of the best ways to get toxins out of your body. In addition to that, exercise also boosts your metabolism and improves blood circulation in your body. With this, the natural detoxing processes of the body are activated. As a result, you are able to get most of the toxins out naturally. You are also able to sleep and eat better when you exercise. This only speeds up the detoxing process. For a complete plan click here: https://www.98fit.com/article/home-workout-plan-for-weight-lossTips to stay fit during Monsoon | 98Fit

5. Include fiber in your diet
Fibers create a sponge that can absorb cholesterol and all the toxins present in your body. Raw fruits and vegetables, nuts and whole grains are the best sources of fiber to include in your diet. Fiber also improves digestion in your body, which means that the toxins are filtered out effectively. Then, toxins that have been absorbed by the fiber are excreted. With fiber in your diet, your bodily functions are well regulated, making you feel fresher and lighter as well.

6. Reduce your sugar intake
Sugar is one of the major sources of toxin build up in the body. There are many sources of sugar besides refined sugar such as aerated drinks, processed and packaged foods, ready to eat foods and junk food. In fact, foods and substitutes that claim to be sugar-free have the highest levels of sugar. It is best advised that you use natural sweeteners such as stevia in your diet if you cannot give up sugar intake entirely. Sugar urges the body to produce excessive insulin. This puts a lot of strain on the pancreas, inhibiting other regulatory functions that are responsible for the body’s natural detoxing processes.Ten very simple ways to ditch sugar from your diet | 98Fit

7. No alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs
This is one of the most important steps towards a complete detox. Reduce any consumption of these substances as they put a lot of load on your internal organs. With this, the regulatory functions that are in place to flush the toxins out naturally are severely affected. They contain substances like nicotine that can lead to the toxic and free radical build up in the body leading to many health issues. In fact, any addictive substance should be avoided to help your body detox. This also means that you must regulate the amount of coffee or tea that you consume on a daily basis.Foods To Avoid When You Want To Lose Weight | 98Fit

8. Get a good massage
To begin with, a good detoxing massage will get the circulatory system functioning in full swing. This aids in the transport of toxins from various parts of the body to the excretory system. Along with this, a massage also helps eradicate any toxins from the surface of your skin. This is very common, especially with the pollution today. Opt for a massage that includes a good exfoliation for your skin. This helps release toxins and removes any dead cells from the surface of your skin.c700x420

Above all, make sure that your body gets ample rest. For any detoxing process to work, your body must get at least 6 hours of good sleep each day. To get a complete diet & workout plan, click here

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