How to have better sleep

Sleep is as important for weight loss as is diet regulation. Good sleep helps to regulate body metabolism, prevents binge eating, and fat deposition. That is why it is important to ensure that you have your recommended hours of sleep every day to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some great, proven ways to ensure better sleep. Try them –

  • Regulate bright light exposure as per the time of day
    Our body works as per its natural rhythm called the circadian rhythm. It is our body’s time keeping mechanism that takes into account the natural light and the lack of it. Exposure to bright light during the day improves sleep quality at night and helps people fall asleep faster. Similarly, exposure to blue light during evening and night has an opposite effect. It confuses the body into thinking it is still daytime; thus preventing sleep. It is, therefore, best to dim the lights in your room two hours before sleeping.
  • Avoid caffeine consumption late in the evening
    Caffeine helps improve focus and concentration. It allows one to remain fresh and active. However, that is exactly what you do not need at night when your body is preparing to go to bed. It is advised to avoid tea or coffee intake at least six hours before going to bed if you want to sleep well.
  • Avoid napping for long hours during the day
    Afternoon napping often confuses the body and disturbs your circadian rhythm. People who sleep more during the day often find it difficult to sleep undisturbed at night. Also, it never leaves you feeling fresh. Infact afternoon naps often leave one feeling disturbed, moody, and sleepier during the day.
  • Maintain consistent sleeping and wakeup time
    It is advisable to allow your body clock to formulate asleep and wakeup routine for you. Once that is established, follow it regularly and consistently without altering it every now and then. Consistent efforts improve sleep quality with time. Irregular sleep patterns always cause disturbed sleep. Therefore, it is important to sleep and wake up at the same time every day, allowing your body to enjoy the comfort of routine.
  • Try Supplements
    If sleep does not come naturally to you, try taking help from sleep-inducing supplements. Natural herbs such as Valerian root and Ginkgo Biloba aid in reducing stress and relax the mind. However, they must be consumed only under medical supervision and guidance. Magnesium supplements also help to relax the mind and induce sleep. It is often advised to smell lavender essential oils before going to bed, for a peaceful and deep sleep.

Avoiding alcohol, eating light before bed, taking a light massage, and exercise also help to improve sleep quality. You can also take help of a health app such as 98Fit to track your sleep. It allows you to enter your sleeping and wakeup timings and tracks the same to generate a weekly report. The 98Fit app further rates your sleep quality as well for deeper insight. 

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