Side effects of weight gain powder that you should be aware of

Are all weight gain powders healthy? Should you consume weight gain powders as the best option to gain that well chiseled and muscular look? Before you decide to opt for a weight gain powder, it is best to have complete knowledge about their possible side effects on your health.

Side effects of weight gain powders that one must be aware of are as below:

  • Breathing problems
    Improper consumption of weight gainers is associated with breathing problems. An improper dosage of these supplements might lead to breathing problems such as coughing, sneezing, wheezing and asthma.
  • Liver problem
    Incorrect dosage of weight gain powders is associated with problems related to the liver. This is one of the dangerous side effects of mass gainers as it proves to be fatal when consumed with alcohol.
  • Nausea and Diarrhea
    In case, these weight gain powders remain insoluble in the stomach than it may cause nausea and loose motions as well. This might happen because of improper intake of these supplements.
  • Kidney Problems
    Weight gain powder is an indirect reason for kidney stones but it makes our body hormones susceptible to it. A high dosage of these powders will lead to high creatine levels in our body which may damage the kidneys. Creatine may also cause dehydration if one is not drinking enough water.
  • Disturbs blood sugar levels
    Weight gainers or protein powders with flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and so on have artificial sweeteners added to it which may spike the blood sugar levels undesirably. This might turn out to be a huge problem when it comes to people with diabetes.
  • Upsets Digestive system
    Improper intake of these weight gain powders will lead to digestive problems since it is associated with stomach bloating, diarrhea, vomiting and so on.
  • Allergic reactions
    One of the major side effects of mass gainers is allergies. The people who consume high dosage of these weight gain powders might turn out to be allergic to some foods since these weight gainers are basically a potential source of soy or milk – which are the most common food allergens. If one experiences itching, stomach pains or upset stomach then you need to stop taking your weight gainers and consult your doctor.
  • Undesirable fat gain
    As these weight gain powders are meant to increase your calorie intake to help with workouts and build strong muscles, some people ignore the workout part and then they tend to put on more weight which is unhealthy and undesirable. Hence, one should make sure to combine the intake of weight gainers along with a proper workout routine.

However, you can always keep a tab on the dosage consumption of these weight gain powders along with a proper workout plan and healthy nutritious food in order to prevent these dangerous side effects. Stay healthy, stay fit.

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