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9 Foods to Avoid While Fasting

What not to eat during a fast

When fasting, it is very natural to binge eat on sugary and fried food items after you have been starving all day long. The tongue craves for spicy, salty, and sugary foods after an entire day of fasting but this kind of food might not really work well with a fasting stomach and end up leaving one feeling bloated, acidic and drowsy.

Eating healthy fasting foods which are easily digestible after a whole day of fasting are therefore suggested to ensure that the stomach does not have to work very hard on spicy or fatty foods. We have even curated a 9 day Navratri diet plan for you to help you stay healthy while eating healthy fasting foods only. 

Here is a list of foods to avoid while fasting. Hope it helps those fasting this festive season and during Navratris:

1. White Rice
This is one of the unhealthiest fasting foods. White rice is full of starch. Eating white rice after you break your fast will make you drowsy and lethargic. The body just stores it as fat and this lead to weight gain and flatulence.safe_image-2

2. Fried Foods
You will feel acidic and sick if you eat too much of fried food after a fast. The body needs only a minimum quantity of food to survive even during fasting. We tend to binge eating while fasting which makes the body store the excess food as fat.safe_image-3

3. Caffeine
Too much of caffeine in beverages like tea and coffee make you acidic and sick. These are best consumed with some food. Hence, it’s good to avoid them while fasting.safe_image-4

4. Carbonated Beverages
The high sugar content in these drinks makes you lethargic after consuming them while fasting. The body which was waiting for food for a couple of hours suddenly gets too much of sugar to work on which makes you feel lazy and drowsy.safe_image-5

5. Refined sugar or food containing too much of sugar
We tend to eat fried and sugary foods while fasting as part of our traditions. However, eating them in larger quantities contributes to weight gain even while fasting. Eat a very small portion of these items even if you must as a part of your tradition.safe_image-6

6. White Flour
Avoid processed food items like white flour. They are devoid of essential fiber necessary for your bowel movements. They are also devoid of nutrients and are only full of empty calories which will make you feel full but lack in essential nutrition.safe_image-7

7. Foods containing additives and preservatives
Again, packed food items contain a lot of artificial ingredients and preservatives which are bad for the body. They provide satisfaction only for some time and will make you feel hungry quickly again.safe_image-8

8. Foods containing a lot of salt
This kind of food is very bad for your blood pressure. They cause an instant hike in the blood pressure making you feel sick.safe_image-2

9. Dairy products
These items are tougher to digest by the body. The stomach which has been resting for some time needs easy to digest food items.safe_image-9

Healthy fasting foods are easily digestible and do not make us feel unwell. One needs to drink sufficient fluids to keep the body hydrated while fasting. It always works to make a mental note of foods to avoid while fasting so that unnecessary weight gain and bloating can be avoided too.

While, we at 98Fit have curated a 9 day Navratri healthy Diet Plan for you for more customized plan based upon your healthy needs and requirements. It’s also available in hindi here

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