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Miss World 2017 Manushi Chhillar: Diet & Fitness Secrets 

In the recent Miss World Pageant held in China, Manushi Chillar did India proud by bagging the title. This was 17 years after Priyanka Chopra won the title in the year 2000.

The most striking feature of the current Miss World is her extremely fit body. Even her social media is filled with pictures of her showing off her lean and svelte physique. So what are her fitness tips for anyone who aspires to achieve the same? screen-shot-2017-11-22-at-3-13-01-pm

The diet plan of a Miss World

Manushi Chillar is, no doubt, dedicated to staying fit. However, her fitness journey has been supported by celebrity nutritionist, Nmami Aggarwal. The rigorous routine that Manushi was put on included good exercise, a good weight loss diet and a series of lifestyle changes.screen-shot-2017-11-22-at-3-13-45-pmTo begin with, here is a breakdown on what the diet plan of Manushi Chillar looks like:

  • Pre-Breakfast: Two to three glasses of warm water with lemon (lemon optional)
  • Breakfast: Oatmeal with plain or flavored yogurt/ Fresh fruits and seeds with wheat flakes/ Avocado, beets, carrots and sweet potato with 2-3 eggs.
  • Mid meal: Fruits and coconut water.
  • Lunch: Rice/ Quinoa/Chappati with lentils or shredded chicken and a bowl of vegetables.
  • Evening snack: Banana and fig smoothie or a fruit with unsalted nuts.
  • Dinner: Grilled or roasted fish or chicken with a bowl of sautéed vegetables.

Fitness Tips from Manushi

If you are looking at weight loss, then staying committed to your fitness regime is a must. Everyone knows how busy the pageant season can get for participants. However, despite all the travelling and the busy schedule, sticking to a fitness regime is all about planning right.


Here are some simple fitness secrets of Manushi Chillar that just about anyone can follow with ease:

  • Never skip your breakfast. It is the most essential meal of the day. Skipping your breakfast can lead to uncontrollable hunger pangs towards the end of the day. This will make you drift towards foods that are rich in fats and sugars.
  • Eat your meals regularly and reduce the size of each serving. This can be achieved by reducing the size of your plate. When you eat frequent meals, the need to binge of snacks that are rich in fat and sugar is reduced significantly.
  • Keep away from sugar. Refined sugar especially holds you back from your weight loss goals.
  • Make your diet choices healthy even when you are travelling. Look of food that is grilled, perhaps a protein source like chicken or fish. It is best to avoid creamy sauces that go with most dishes. Instead of ordering a main dish, ordering a starter with a salad is a good idea. Even with salads opt for those that have a low fat dressing.
  • Keep your mind calm and composed. Yoga is a great option to keep your body and your mind in top shape. You can practice it even when you are travelling. The advantages of yoga also include better posture and toned muscles. Besides this, it also lets your body remain flexible and is a great way to strengthen your core.
  • A good warm up is a great way to begin your day. Choose exercises that involve twisting of your core. This is very effective in strengthening, lengthening, toning and detoxing your whole body. In addition to that, twisting exercises are a great cardio workout that help reduce any inflammation or pain. This reduces the chances of any internal scar tissues from forming as well.
  • Make sure you work your lower body. Squats are a great form of exercise that should be a part of your routine. They are suitable for just about anyone irrespective of the gender, age and the fitness goals. Along with keeping your lower body strong and toned, squats are also effective in getting rid of any cellulite and also help improve blood circulation in your body.
  • Be on the move. This may include dancing, running or any activity that you enjoy. It helps keep your body and your mind stress free. Of course, it keeps you it top shape too.

Change your lifestyle

Along with the several fitness tips, you also need to incorporate some changes in your lifestyle to see the results that you want. This includes giving your body ample rest by sleeping for 8 hours. Keep your electronic devices off for at least two hours before you go to bed. Also make sure that you keep yourself hydrated. Try to consume at least 3 liters of water every day.

screen-shot-2017-11-22-at-3-15-02-pmWith these simple tips, just about anyone can get the gorgeous silhouette and the glowing skin and healthy hair that is befitting of a Miss World.